Here at Canvas Haven, we pride ourselves on creating nothing but the best in high quality canvas art and motivational art design. We research the best inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational bible verses etc and match them up to the perfect backdrop for a beautiful piece of wall art. We create canvas art for office, wall art for home decor, Christian art and more! Our canvases can be purchased as a gift for a loved one, as an anniversary gift, a sympathy gift, or just because! Our canvas art looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces, classrooms, or anywhere else where a splash of color and a little inspiration can be appreciated. 

We find inspiration from Bible verses, famous quotes from scholars, authors, philanthropists, artists and more! We love beautiful ocean views, mountainscapes, forests, and other nature inspired art. There is significant beauty and inspiration in the great outdoors which is why our inspirational quotes and bible verse quotes work so well with our art!

We are a Christian Husband and Wife owned business that has been crafting the best in canvas art design for over 10 years! We create memories. We create moments. But most importantly, we’re artists. We take pride in our work and want every single Canvas project we work on to be absolutely perfect! We stay 100% transparent with our customers. We want to give you nothing but the best in canvas prints. We want you to have a personalized canvas you’ll love, so we take time to hear you out and make any necessary changes needed to give you the print you want. Our customers are our number one priority, we and we strive to give you only the best here at Canvas Haven. 

If you have any questions about a canvas you’d like, or have any special modifications you’d like done, you can send a message to our support team and we will work with you one on one to create the perfect canvas art for your home, office space, classroom, or anywhere else!


Owners: Jared and Katya